Everyone wants to be a better player, right? I mean, being a better player is what makes the game that much easier for you. If you are a better player than your opponent is, you can defeat them. (Luck not withstanding.)

I have five simple ways for you to improve you skills. Yup, five ways. It is really as simple as that.

YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO TWO THINGS AT ONCE. One of the two things you should be doing is constantly looking around. "Keeping you head up" is the most important thing you can do in a game. Being aware of where your teammates are, where the opposition is, how many of both heir are and what they are all doing requires that you look around.

DOWNGRADE IN TECHNOLOGY ONE LEVEL OF THE PLAYERS AROUND YOU. When you are playing with a pump, when others are playing semi, you will have to try harder. You will have to outsmart your opponent, not out shoot them. You will be forced to think and act in ways that will only improve your abilities.

STAND ON THE SIDELINES (OR REF) AND WATCH OTHER PLAYERS. You are very distracted when you are playing. If you are a non-participant, you have a more objective view. You can quickly spot mistakes and good moves. Watch closely, remember and apply these things. I learned more reffing for three years than I would have playing for six.

TARGET PRACTICE. I don't mean a few dozen balls at the closest and largest target on the range. I mean you should spend one half hour, every game day, doing target practice. Your goal should be to easily put eight to ten balls (out of ten) on a target that is one foot by one foot at 100 feet. (I like to use 9 inch aluminum pie pans.) If you can do this, a loader or elbow at 50 or 75 feet won't be a problem.

PLAY AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN. There is no substitute for playing. The more you play, the better you will become. I realize that time and money are an issue. Play as much as you can budget and time allowing.


So there you have it. This system works, it takes some time, but it works. If you do these five things religiously, you will become a better player. I guarantee it.


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